About us

We have decided to launch L'Originale Beauty in 2021 to offer you incredible products 100% natural and 100% made in France.

We have spent a lot of time observing french "savoir-faire" and high dedication to people's health in the beauty industry. France has probably the most rigorous set of regulations when it comes to crafting beauty products.

In addition, we strive to work only with exceptional brands that focus on people's health and on the planet at the same time. This is why all the brands on our website are trustable, clean and eco-friendly.

Quality is of utmost importance so we test all the products we purchase before selling them to you. If we are not satisfied with what we test, you will never see it on our website.

L'Originale Beauty's ambition is to offer an exclusive content with brands usually not sold in the USA. We are proud to partner with such dynamic, creative and passionate brands to offer you a unique catalogue of products.

So if you are looking for the best clean, natural and eco-friendly French beauty products we have you covered from head to toes!