Top 5 tips to support skin health through nutrition

Written by Sarah Cohen.

The natural process of growing older is, to some extent genetically determined. However, our skin is constantly influenced by external factors which, through diet and lifestyle changes, we can control to slow down the process.
To reduce vulnerability, incorporating certain nutrients in your daily diet can greatly encourage a « normal » ageing process and optimal skin health.

So, as a nutrition coach, what are my top 5 favorites?

  1. Bone broth: Because bone broth contains a large amount of collagen and gelatin, consuming broth may help support your body's ability to create collagen and help keep skin strong and youthful for longer.

  2. Matcha : this has powerful antioxidant activity and reduces cellular damage. It is rich in chlorophyll, very alkalizing and redues toxins. It will protect, calm and purify your skin.

  3. Blueberries : they assist in fighting against cell damage therefore reducing free radicals. They help improve blood circulation delivering important nutrients and oxygen to the skin and they boost collagen production.

  4. Coconut oil : high in saturated fats, coconut oil has anti microbial properties which is useful in supporting skins prone to skin infections, acne, eczema, psoriasis and cellulitis. It’s anti inflammatory properties will calm irritations. Cooking or baking with it will also reduce the consumption of harmful oils.

  5. Turmeric : curcuminoid components will assist with providing a healthy glow and radiance by reducing inflammation and detoxifying your liver. It can be added to many dishes and adding pepper will assist with better absorption of nutrients.

Don‘t forget that the wrong foods can contribute to skin damage and speeding up the ageing process so stay away from foods high in refined sugars and processed oils.

Most important of all, keep shining from the inside out and your glow will radiate through!

Sarah Cohen is a health and nutrition coach who helps achieve health and wellness goals through nutrition and lifestyle. She supports, guides and motivates her clients to develop optimal health by making lasting changes over the long term.