Coffee break with Tamara Ecclestone, mum of two and entrepreneur

Discussion with Tamara about breastfeeding.

Have you always felt the urge to breastfeed?

I breastfed my first daughter Sophia for 4 years. I honestly didn't think I would breastfeed for so long! I remember having explained to those around me that I would only be doing it for a few months and I didn't think I would breastfeed any longer than my sister Petra who at that time had been breastfeeding for 9 months. And finally, I have also been breastfeeding my daughter Serena for 19 months!


Some moms feel stressed about breastfeeding in public. How do you feel about this concern?

I've never been stressed about breastfeeding in public. It's the most natural thing, no one should worry about it. I breastfed my children everywhere and never hesitated for a second.


Breastfeeding can exhaust some moms. How do you deal with this fatigue? Do you have a particular diet?

I think I got used to being tired! Serena is 19 months old and still needs it at night and when she wants it during the day. I adapt to this routine even if it is tiring. I try to rest at the same time as my children to recharge the batteries! I lie down with Serena and I take the opportunity to do some emails. I take my vitamins to stay in shape and I keep a balanced diet.


How did quitting go with Sophia? How was your feeling?

Very natural. She breastfed only at night and finally fell asleep one night without taking a feed. She was just ready. I was absolutely ok with her decision. From the moment that I feel that my children are well then everything is fine.


What advice would you give breastfeeding moms who want to stay chic while being comfortable?

I don't know if I'm chic but I love being comfortable in my clothes. I avoid dresses because it's not very practical. You almost have to end up naked to breastfeed, which is not ideal! I would say that it is necessary to favor comfort over chic!


What products to use while breastfeeding?

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