Coffee break with actress Shirine Boutella.

Can you make time for yourself during a shoot?

It depends on the shoot. When the days go by it's pretty complicated, if only for sleeping! There are times that I love like the night I come home, I take the time to do my beauty routine. I like to use serum, oils, eye treatments, and massage my face. It relaxes me a lot. It’s important to recharge my batteries.

How do you deal with fatigue and lack of sleep?

I don't manage (laughs). I try to go to bed as soon as possible. I don't have much of a choice, I am tired. When I get home, I try to enjoy myself with my husband and my little dog, but it goes by too quickly. There are days when I don't have time so my husband takes over. My skin doesn't like the lack of sleep it shows quickly. While filming my new Netflix series, I was so tired that huge buttons popped up and it took a while to get rid of them! So I try to be careful. I rely a lot on the energy of others, I soak up it to feel less tired.


Could you do without a beauty routine?

No! In this profession, having beautiful skin is obviously very important. We stay natural so we have to take care of ourselves as much as possible. It has become even more important since I became an actress, I do very well with my beauty routines, I have very good results!

Do you pay attention to your diet?

Before I was less careful but I had more time to play sports. During the filming of Lupine I was very greedy! The canteen was amazing with a fantastic dessert table. Desserts are my sweet tooth. Tiramisu, apricot pie, whipped cream ... I made some nice plates! But I had to learn to cut it all down so I didn't gain weight and keep the energy I needed on set. I try to balance my meals to feel more fit.

What do you recommend to women like you who don't have a lot of time to spare?

We have to try to organize ourselves to find what makes us happy. A bath, an appointment with the hairdresser. I don't have kids yet, but trying to take a little time for yourself while they sleep seems necessary to me. You have to try to focus on the present moment and know how to appreciate it. Massages are very rejuvenating for me, I feel like I have taken a nap for several hours, although it's true it's a budget but I highly recommend it.

What do you prefer to do when you have finished a shoot? What energizes you the most?

I love doing nothing, being at home. I'm a homebody so a cup of coffee under a nice blanket gives me energy. I cut myself off from the outside, I turn off my phone. Since I have my dog ​​I love to walk with her in the forest for several hours. It's very cool, I find myself in silence and I resource myself.